Why Chose A Membership From Ace Oil & Heating

Here are some of the questions we received when researching our new membership program.

Q.    My current oil company delivers oil to my house. Then goes two houses down to my aunt’s house and delivers oil. When we compare bills it’s generally me who is charged almost a dollar more per gallon. What would your company do on pricing?

A.    We have heard of this happening to customers and it is tough to explain how or why. We decided to go with a Membership policy to create simple pricing that is showcased on our website under Member Pricing Oil. Our Member pricing oil is generally around 10 cents over cost giving our customer’s one the best prices in the area. We also offer a non-member price which is a higher priced rate per gallon and is forecasted on the average price of other companies in the area.

Q.     Why don’t Companies offer rewards or a point system or even customer loyalty?

A.     This was a GREAT question and one we had not thought of because it is not a common practice. Ace Oil & Heating will reward its members with a $25.00 credit for every 1000 gallons we have delivered to the member. A member can use that credit towards a bill, oil delivery, or towards the renewal of a new Membership.

Q.      Do I have to be home to pay in cash to get a delivery?








A.        Ace Oil & Heating Llc does not require you to be home for a delivery. We accept various forms of payments you can do online at our website. We accept all credit cards, paypal, cash, and checks. If it is a cash transaction we will ask for a time when we can deliver that someone will be home to pay and collect a receipt. The only other time a customer would have to be present for a delivery is the first initial delivery. Our Driver would have to have access to where the oil tank is to confirm that the tank doesn’t have leaks and is up to Massachusetts code.


We thank everyone that participated and helped us to be able to design a great structure and foundation for our Membership Packages. Our general overview of perks associated when the Memberships are as follows:

–        Low Cost Member Oil Pricing

–        24 Hour Emergency Service

–        No Late Night Service Charges

–        No Diagnostic Fees

–        Automatic Delivery If Desired  (you would be invoiced a bill we do not store credit cards)

–        Licensed & Certified Technicians

–        Customer Service Friendly Drivers

–        We provide Efficiency ratings on your heating equipment

–        1 Professional Annual Cleaning

–        $25.00 credit per every 1000 gallons purchased

–        Special savings in Select Package for discounted replacement parts

Let’s Get Started How Do I Become A Member?

Select the best package that fits your needs and proceed to checkout. After purchasing you will be emailed a receipt of the Membership purchased. The next day you will receive a Membership Certificate and more documentation. You will also receive an email asking if you want to schedule your cleaning or have an oil delivery.