Membership Advantages for New Bedford Heating Oil Delivery

New Bedford home heating oil deliveryThere are many benefits of becoming a member of ACE Oil & Heating for delivery and maintenance services related to your New Bedford home heating oil. Not only will you get quality oil delivery services when you need them the most to ensure your house stays warm and comfortable all winter long, but you also get unmatched technical and customer service from our entire team. Our packages are unmatched in savings, value, and pricing. We designed them to provide our customers with the most benefits available for New Bedford heating oil delivery and support. Annual cleanings, 24-hour priority emergency service, and discounts on parts, oil, and more are just some of the perks you can expect as a member at ACE Oil & Heating Massachusetts oil dealer and delivery services.

Why Choose Home Heating Oil?

Compared to other traditional heating methods, including electric or natural gas heat, New Bedford home heating oil is very safe, clean, efficient, and effective. Heating oil has a very low risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and, as a liquid and not a pressurized gas, there is no risk of an explosion. Today’s modern heating oil burners are designed to be very clean, and they do not release any odors or soot when operating correctly. Quality oil delivery services can help to ensure that you always have home heating oil when you need it most and provide the most efficient means of heating your home. Choose to order or schedule New Bedford heating oil delivery or join our automatic delivery program for worry-free oil delivery services in the Southcoast area.

How Much Oil Will You Use? – An overall average estimate for the New England area is approximately 100 gallons per month for the coldest months of the year. Studies show that most homeowners use 300 gallons for December, January, and February and another 300 gallons for the entire rest of the year through November.

Many customers request to fill their heating oil tanks in the early fall months before the busy winter season. Depending on the size of your tank, you may not have to get a refill until the spring. If you are new to working with a Massachusetts oil dealer for the delivery of efficient home heating oil, it may take a year or two before you get an idea of the requirements for scheduling a delivery. This is why automatic delivery services or scheduled maintenance and deliveries can be beneficial to new customers. The average temperatures for the year, age of heating equipment, and personal preferences for thermal levels can all influence how frequently you will need to request New Bedford heating oil delivery.

ACE Oil & Heating Package Options

Our package membership options at ACE Oil & Heating can vary, depending on each customer’s price range and needs. Our basic package, known as the “Clubs” level, features 12-months of coverage and 5-cents per gallon discounts for the year. It includes a professional cleaning and tune-up, 24-hour priority emergency service, and a whopping 15 percent off parts and labor for any required repairs and services. All of our plans include no late-night charges, services performed by our licensed and certified technicians, and options for secure payment processing via PayPal.

Additional membership levels offer extended periods of coverage, up to 24-months, increased discounts, service options, extra cleanings and tune-ups, automatic delivery options, and efficiency testing services. To view a full list of membership benefits, opportunities, discounts, and included services make sure to visit our OIL SERVICE PACKAGES page for details. Our introductory priced packages are designed to eliminate and reduce the out of pocket expenses for our customers due to an unexpected service call. It pays to have the peace of mind in knowing that someone is there for you 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Visit our website or contact our team to select a package and start saving on New Bedford home heating oil for quality oil delivery services today!

Dependable New Bedford Heating Oil Delivery

If you own a home or commercial business in the Southcoast region of Southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island, contact ACE Oil & Heating to find out if you are in one of our service territories. As a licensed and certified Massachusetts oil dealer and delivery service, we offer a wide range of preventive maintenance, repair, and service options to our member and non-member customers. To learn more about all of the dependable, quality oil delivery services we provide, give us a call at 774-301-5496 and speak with one of our friendly and helpful customer service agents.