IMPORTANT - Disclaimer of Liability for Equipment and Environmental Damages:

Under no circumstances is Ace Oil & Heating obligated to repair or replace your oil tank, and/or piping. We assume no liability for, and you are solely responsible for, the condition and maintenance of your oil tank, lines and/or piping. Our agreement with you does not insure against oil tank, line and/or piping leakage or any damages to person or property resulting from tank, line and/or piping leakage, and it does not cover the costs of any cleanup, removal, remediation or other activities to comply with any environmental or other laws, rules or regulations. WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR BODILY INJURY, A DECREASE IN PROPERTY VALUE OR PROPERTY DAMAGE ARISING OUT OF THE DISPOSAL, DISCHARGE, DISPERSAL, RELEASE, OR ESCAPE OF HEATING OIL OR OTHER PETROLEUM SUBSTANCES INTO OR UPON YOUR PROPERTY, SURROUNDING PROPERTY, OR INTO THE ENVIRONMENT (AIR, WATER OR SOIL) UNLESS CAUSED BY OUR GROSS NEGLIGENCE. Oil prices are dictated by market pricing and can change at any time. We reserve the right to change our pricing at any time. All pre-paid orders will be honored at the price per gallon at checkout.  Orders that are not paid in advance, will be charged at the daily rate posted on this website for the date of delivery.  Insufficient funds will be charged $20.00 for each occurrence in addition to amounts owed.  Ace Oil & Heating, performs maintenance and repair work on heating units of which the parts replaced by our technicians will come with a six month warranty.  Ace Oil & Heating does not warranty boilers or furnaces unless they were installed by Ace Oil & Heating.  All boilers and furnaces installed by us would be under the manufacturers warranty only. No charge replacement parts are parts that are included within the selected Membership. These parts are no charge including labor if the original part has failed. All oil service packages are viewed and accepted at our 488 Pleasant Street New Bedford M.A. location. Ace Oil & Heating reserves the right to not service and decline services at will for any reason including safety, reliability, performance, appearance, and history.