Dartmouth Home Heating Oil: How to Lower Winter Heating Costs

lower home heating oil costs this winterIn the middle of July, you are probably not thinking about reducing winter costs for heating your home. However, there’s no better time to start preparing than right now. By choosing to work with quality Dartmouth heating oil delivery and maintenance services, you have already taken the first big step toward reducing energy consumption. Dartmouth home heating oil is much more efficient than electric and gas heating. Oil-based heating systems can save Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island residents significantly compared to other types of heating systems. However, there are methods that you can use to lower your costs for oil and heating delivery even further for a worry-free fall and winter season.

Start With a Tune-Up and Preventive Maintenance

The sooner you can schedule your tune-up for modern heating oil services, the better. All of your neighbors and everyone in the South Coast region who relies on oil and heating delivery will also be wanting a tune-up before the cold weather hits. Contact your trusted Dartmouth heating oil delivery team at Ace Oil & Heating to schedule a date that works for you. Preventive maintenance and scheduled annual inspections can ensure that your entire system is running effectively and efficiently. If you have noticed heating bills increase steadily over the past twelve months or years despite there being no change in your usage habits, you might be overdue for a tune-up.

Other preventive services can include insulating the heating system pipes, sealing gaps between doors and frames throughout your home, and caulking the edges of frames and window panes from the outside. Many of these solutions are very cost-effective and can be done as a weekend project. If you are not sure if your windows and frames are leaking, you can perform a variety of tests on your own or hire a professional to evaluate your home. Studies show that homeowners can reduce energy consumption costs significantly simply by closing up air leaks, sealing gaps, and insulating their home’s heating system pipes. While you are at it, consider adding some insulation for external water pipes to prevent freezing pipes during the next big winter storm.

Use Natural Heat to Your Advantage

In the winter months, don’t spend your days closed up behind blinds and drapes. Let in as much of the natural sunlight and heat into your home as you can. Not only will this help you to reduce consumption during the day, but it will also be good for you and your family mentally and emotionally. We tend to stay cooped up indoors during the winter, and that is not healthy for anyone. On the other hand, make sure blinds and drapes are effectively lined and closed when the sun goes down to prevent potential heat loss. While this might seem like a small effort to make concerning efficiency for Dartmouth home heating oil, studies show it can make a noticeable difference in your monthly consumption and energy use.

Learn how to adjust your thermostat or invest in a smart thermostat device that will maintain safe and effective temperatures throughout your home. Even a small adjustment to your temperature will result in cost savings on your bill. Finding new ways to stay warm by adding layers of clothing during the day, heating your home prior to bedtime, and adjusting again at night, using a fireplace or other heat source in addition to your furnace system, can all help to reduce costs even further. Close vents that are not being used, such as a cooling or air vent in your kitchens. Close heating ducts in rooms that are not being used, such as a guest room or extra living space. Keep the chimney plugged in your fireplace when you are not burning logs and consider getting a fireplace draft stopper that will provide an even greater barrier of protection.

Consider an Upgrade

Speak with your Dartmouth heating oil delivery technician about the efficiency of your existing system. While much of the new equipment installed today is designed to last significantly longer than older models, if you have a heating system that is more than 20 years old, it might be time to upgrade. Wear and tear might increase the need for oil and heating delivery and consumption, while modern heating oil services and installations can make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. If your system is newer, you can increase savings by joining one of our membership programs for automatic and low-cost Dartmouth home heating oil delivery services. Check out our PACKAGE OPTIONS that can provide oil savings, included inspections and preventive services, automatic delivery services, and a whole lot more. You can also reach our team directly by calling 774-301-5496 to sign-up for oil and heating delivery in the South Coast area.