Buying a New House with Heating Oil Delivery in Rhode Island

Rhode Island home heating oil deliveryMany prospective home buyers are searching for new properties that will help them to save on energy bills. Modern heating oil services are attractive to new home buyers in New England because they are very efficient and offer considerable cost savings compared to other energy sources. While natural gas and electrical heating are still the most widely used options in America, heating oil delivery in Rhode Island and Massachusetts is on the rise. And it’s not just new home buyers who are making the switch; studies show that homeowners are making renovations to improve energy efficiency, and many are making the change to home heating oil.

The Cost of Heating Systems

According to energy experts in the United States, heating costs during the colder months can account for more than 40 percent of your energy bill. While approximately 50 percent of American homes use natural gas and 34 percent use electrical heating sources, a growing number are turning to modern heating oil services. The numbers are still hovering around just ten percent nationwide, but they are growing. Oil central heating has been embraced by those who want to create more efficient heat and provide additional benefits to homeowners. There are many reasons to choose East Providence home heating oil over natural gas and electricity. The more you know about heating oil delivery in Rhode Island, the easier it will be to see why it truly is a smart energy choice.

By far, the cost for operating a heating system with electricity is well and above the prices for other types of energy, including natural gas and home heating oil. While some may think that central oil heating is an old-fashioned or outdated method, it is actually much safer and more efficient than other systems. As oil prices continue to decrease nationwide, home heating oil offers an inexpensive way to keep your home warm and comfortable during the colder months. On average, the cost for heating oil delivery in Providence is two-and-a-half to five-and-a-half times lower than prices for electric-based heating. If your home has an older gas furnace, it can be significantly more expensive to operate than modern heating oil services. Even with a newer system, efficiency studies have shown that homeowners can still save with oil heat compared to natural gas heat – especially in the coldest climates.

Sustainable, Clean Energy Source

There is an abundant supply of East Providence home heating oil available on the market. Homeowners who use natural gas and propane can attest that there are often shortages in the middle of winter, but it is possible to have a steady flow of heating oil year-round. Compared to other types of fuel sources, heating oil delivery in Providence is also extremely clean-burning. The technology used to burn modern heating oil is 95 percent cleaner than it was in 1970 when usage was much higher than it is today. In fact, the home heating oil used today in New England falls well within the EPA’s air pollution standards and has been hailed as an efficient and effective source of heat. Cleaner fuel also means less cleaning. When you sign up for heating oil delivery in Providence and the surrounding area, you can also get member pricing, including annual cleanings and tune-ups.

In fact, member pricing also offers discounts on each gallon of fuel that is delivered, as well as reduced pricing on parts, services, and 24-hour delivery and support. Much of the improvements that have been made to the home heating oil industry are due to new technologies and more environmentally-friendly equipment. Smart controls can also be used with home heating systems that rely on central oil heating sources to help keep usage and costs down even further. The heating systems used today are designed to last up to 30 years or more on average, much longer than equipment used for propane or natural gas. Regular maintenance and quality heating oil delivery in Rhode Island can increase that lifespan even further. Home heating oil is considered to be even safer for heating your home than natural gas, as it does not burn in a liquid state but must be heated to a vaporization point before it can burn. This can help with homeowners who have concerns about keeping a fuel tank on-site near their homes.

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