Autumn Home Maintenance: Dartmouth Home Heating Oil Delivery

dartmouth home heating oil deliveryIt seems as though we barely shake the last bit of sand off our flip-flops from the beach, then it’s time to start thinking about snow removal and home heating oil delivery in Southeastern Massachusetts. However, it’s a good idea to plan ahead because, like it or not, winter is coming. Securing a reputable provider to deliver clean and dependable Dartmouth home heating oil should be on your checklist for autumn home maintenance. While many homeowners use home heating oil for many things year-round, we tend to only really think about it when sweater weather hits the Southcoast. There are delivery programs, maintenance services, and other opportunities that you can take advantage of when you work with ACE Oil & Heating for services concerning the delivery of modern heating oil in Massachusetts.

Heating Oil Delivery in Dartmouth

When you need quality oil delivery and heating services that you can count on when you need it the most, you can trust ACE Oil & Heating. We offer a wide range of service options designed to meet the needs of all our customers. Pay-as-you-go programs provide home heating oil delivery starting at just $1.43 a gallon currently in September 2020. We also offer a furnace cleaning service promotion for just $125 to provide homeowners peace of mind as the cold weather begins to make its way into New England. 24-hour delivery, certified technicians, EZ online ordering options, and solutions for both member and non-member accounts can help you prepare for the season with quality heating oil delivery in Dartmouth and the surrounding area.

Our delivery service area is quite extensive, offering opportunities to customers in Southeastern Massachusetts throughout Fall River, Westport, Dartmouth, New Bedford, Acushnet, Swansea, Seekonk, and other local cities. We also deliver and provide services for home heating oil delivery in Rhode Island for customers in East Providence. To see our full delivery area and find out which Territory your home or business falls into, visit our TERRITORIES page on our website.

Our service packages at ACE Oil & Heating are designed with the customer in mind. Unlike other packages that you might see for delivery of modern heating oil in Massachusetts, you can get money returned to you at the end of the contract. From the Diamonds Package on up, you will save 10-cents off a gallon for two years. The 10-cents is deducted off of our pay-as-you-go pricing structure. In addition, our customers will also receive two cleanings, 24-hour service, no service call charges, and other benefits. Please look at our service package options for more details to help you choose the membership program that works best for you, your needs, and your budget. Our low-cost packages are designed to eliminate and reduce out-of-pocket expenses incurred during a regular service call. This provides peace of mind in knowing that someone is there to serve your needs for heating oil delivery in Dartmouth 24-hours a day.

Heat Your Home When You Need It Most

Coming home from a long day at work or after picking up the kids at school is not the time to realize that there is no heat. Huddling around the fireplace or searching for electric blankets is a situation that no one wants to be in simply because they ran out of Dartmouth home heating oil. When you work with ACE Oil & Heating, we offer services that will ensure your tank stays full, so you’ll have safe and warm heat whenever you need it. In addition, our 24-hour emergency services can be used to diagnose any equipment malfunctions or issues. We highly recommend a service plan that includes an annual tune-up. Contact our team to see about scheduling an inspection and tune-up before the temperature drops to ensure that your system is running effectively and efficiently.

There are many advantages of using modern heating oil in Massachusetts compared to other types of home heating services. You get more heat per gallon from home heating oil, as it contains more than 135,000 BTUs per gallon compared to just 99,000 BTUs per gallon with natural gas. Safety studies also show that Dartmouth home heating oil is safer than natural gas, as it must be vaporized in order to ignite. Homeowners, property owners, and business owners concerned about fire risks and safety issues associated with natural gas, propane, and other types of fuel sources should consider switching to heating oil delivery in Dartmouth and the surrounding area. To learn more about the benefits of a home heating oil system, contact our team at 774-301-5496. If you would like to order oil delivery services, you can also use our online ORDER FORM to buy oil or select a membership service option.